Zidane’s first comment after Real Madrid stumbled against Osasuna



Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane rarely shows his anger in the press conferences following his team’s matches. Still, the situation is different after Saturday’s meeting with Osasuna in the 18th round of the Spanish League.

After “Los Blancos” stumbled in a goalless draw with its host Osasuna, the French coach appeared angry in a match in which the Real appeared far from its best levels, and the changes made by Zidane did not bear fruit.

Zidane said in a press conference after the confrontation that he “does not believe that the match should have taken place in the first place” due to the bad weather conditions and the snowstorm that threatened to hold the match.

Zidane continued, “We dealt badly with the matter and did what we could do on the field, and this was not a football match.”

And he added: “This is what we feel after what happened, and we do not know when we will return to Madrid (due to the bad weather and the difficulty of traveling on the plane), and this match should have been postponed.”

He continued, “I complain about what happened, as the conditions were not ripe for a football match. I repeat my speech, but this is what happened.”

With this draw, Real’s chances of preserving its title in the league competition diminished, despite 20 matches remaining at the end of the season, due to being behind leaders in the standings Atletico Madrid, by one point, and this difference may reach 10 points if the latter win his three matches. Deferred.

Source: “Marca”

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