The US Capitol is cleared in preparation for Biden’s inauguration


Among the most shocking images to emerge in Wednesday’s attack on the US Capitol, pro-Trump gangs carry baseball bats and “Keep America Great” signs dotted over the inaugural podium on the building’s western front where four years before Donald Trump was sworn in.

The sight of rioters running in clouds of tear gas in the same place where their dear leader swore to “preserve, protect, and defend the United States Constitution” was not symbolically scary.

She emphasized the formidable security challenge the US government now faces as it heads toward the next inauguration – Joe Biden’s inauguration – only days away.

Trump announced that he would not attend Biden’s inauguration.

As with any inauguration in the modern era, Biden’s rise to the presidency was declared on Jan.20 a “special national security event.”

This gives it the highest security preparedness level, with all the tremendous firepower the federal agencies led by the Secret Service and the FBI can muster.

In the aftermath of the Capitol’s attack, the already high level of security is now greatly enhanced to avoid the risk of the incoming president and vice president being exposed to the risk of contracting the Coronavirus.

Three former presidents, nine members of the US Supreme Court, and most Congress members – all of whom are expected to attend the inauguration – are expected to attend – to a repeated attack by Trump – the mob incited is beyond contemplation.

Joe Biden will be formally sworn in as President of the United States on January 20 at noon. Although incumbent Donald Trump has repeatedly urged Vice President Mike Pence not to confirm Biden’s victory in Congress, his longtime ally has endorsed the results of the January 7 Electoral College vote…

Pence’s announcement came hours after a large group of protesters supporting President Trump occupied the Senate room.

The Capitol building itself was severely damaged, with rioters smashing windows all over the building, painting walls, breaking doors, and vandalizing lawmakers’ offices.

The cost of repairing the damage has yet to be announced.

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