Report: The specter of the Civil War haunts the United States


The British newspaper “Sunday Times” said in a report published today, Sunday, that the specter of civil war haunts the United States of America after the escalation of calls for “partition” by the nationalist trend’s forces.

The newspaper considered that the talk about polarization in America after the storming of the Congress building, last Wednesday, “is an understatement of reality and that the divisions are much worse, and the country could be drawn into a second civil war.”

She added, “The divisions in the United States are unprecedented and cannot be reconciled, and calls for unity between the Republican and Democratic parties are no longer credible, as each side relinquishes responsibility in the end, with the disappearance of the centrist.”

And she continued, “The question now is not how to reconcile between Republican America and Democratic America, and how can they coexist together because this is far-fetched. The difficult and real question at the same time is: How can they separate?”

The newspaper added, “There was an article entitled (Separation) in a series of articles published shortly after the announcement of Democrat Joe Biden winning the US presidential elections, in the (American Mind) newspaper of the conservative Claremont Institute calling for a reduction in the government role.”

She referred to a series of articles published on the site entitled “The House of Representatives split,” about “Abraham Lincoln’s warning,” in 1858 that the divided House of Representatives could not continue.

And she went on: “The call made by the nationalists is to create a kind of radical federalism, based on dividing America between the two colors, the democratic blue and the Republican red, and the freedom of America red and America blue to impose laws and taxes for each of them, with a single currency, one army, and a team One Olympic too. ”

This could be called “Rexit,” she said, and it was based on the departure of conservative rural states from urban liberal domination.

The newspaper considered that this trend “carries a great deal of megalomania, even if it was spread before the presidential elections through supporters of the outgoing US President Donald Trump, who showed their large arsenal of weapons stored during the election campaign, which was a warning that America was heading towards war. Eligibility. ”

She emphasized that the scene that occurred on the sixth of January, when the battle in the halls of Congress, with the flow of the flags of the Confederation, “confirms that this ugly prophecy may come true.”

However, the historian of the American Revolution at Brinkton University, Sean Wilentz, believes that “all this absurdity that speaks of secession or Rexit is merely an attempt to translate political frustration into a constitutional solution,” describing it as “madness, which is the essence of chaos.”

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