Senator Lindsey Graham rejects the Trump trial


Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said that President Donald Trump’s parliamentary trial in this circumstance would further divide the country and weaken the institution of the presidency.

A short while ago, the White House issued a statement saying that “the politically motivated parliamentary trial of Trump, 12 days before he leaves office, will do nothing but increase the state of division in the country.”

Yesterday, the American network “NBC” published a draft of US President Donald Trump’s impeachment, saying that “the president was involved in major crimes by inciting a rebellion.”

The draft, drafted by Democratic members of the House of Representatives, states that “the president deliberately made statements that encouraged illegal action at the Congress building,” and that “he will remain a threat if he is allowed to remain in office.”

The document calls for “Trump to be held accountable based on one clause, which is incitement to rebellion,” noting that Trump has presented American security and government institutions to a “great danger.”

She added that Trump “threatened the integrity of the democratic system, interfered with a peaceful transfer of power, exposed a sector of government to danger, and betrayed the trust in his capacity as president.”

Democratic lawmakers in the US Congress launched a movement to remove outgoing President Donald Trump from power immediately, in light of the violence that witnessed the Capitol building on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, hundreds of pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol building. They rioted inside it before the two chambers of Congress held a joint session to validate the presidential election results, which Democratic candidate Joe Biden won.

Four people were killed during the US security services dealing with riots inside the Capitol.

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