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Nicki Minaj will pay Tracy Chapman $ 450,000 for the copyright lawsuit

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Singer Tracy Chapman won her case against Nicki Minaj, who will have to pay her $ 450,000 …

In 2018, Tracy Chapman filed a lawsuit against Nicki Minaj, accusing her of copyright infringement. The sultry rapper had used a sample from the song Baby Can I Hold You for her single Sorry.
While the Queen of Rap acknowledged its use, she did not, however, consider this act to be plagiarism, arguing in particular that the 56-year-old artist had not legally protected his song properly.
But, after more than 2 years of litigation, Barbie finally gave up, presenting in California federal court an offer of $ 450,000, including all costs and attorneys’ fees related to the case.
Tracy Chapman finally accepted the proposal on January 8. Contacted by US media outlet Pitchfork, one of Nicki’s lawyers explained the reason for the out-of-court offer: “We made a deal for one reason. It would have cost us more to go to trial ”.

Tracy Chapman – Baby Can I Hold You :

Tracy Chapman relishes.

Also, in the columns of Pitchfork, Tracy Chapman spoke about this legal victory. She said, “In this situation, I have been asked many times for permission to use my song; each time, politely and on time, I have said unequivocally. Apparently, Mrs. Minaj chose not to hear and used my composition despite my clear and precise intentions.

As a freelance songwriter and publisher, I am known to protect my work. ” Clear words that agree with those of his lawyer, John Gatti, who for his part added: “I respect Tracy’s principles and appreciate her successful efforts to protect the rights of artists. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and the statement that came with it on behalf of Tracy and, indeed, all rights of the artists. ” It is, therefore, a bitter failure for the young mother, who had nevertheless won the first battle in September 2020. At that time, judge Virginia A. Phillips had declared that the rapper had not violated the rights author by recording his song, Sorry …

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