A man documents the moment of meeting his dog after a long time


A man documented the moment when he met his dog after weeks of absence from him after he was confined in the hospital due to his infection with the Coronavirus, and he was placed in health isolation until his condition stabilized.

According to what was reported in the British “Mirror” newspaper, the man published the moment that he received him in her dog after returning to the house, as if he were one of his sons, and was eagerly waiting for his return.

It appeared in the scenes published by the man that the dog was so eager to see him to the point of tears that appeared on him when he saw him again as if he was telling him about the longing that was inside him and his need for him throughout that period.

The pioneers of social communication interacted with that emotional scene between the man and his dog. They praised dogs’ relationship with their owners and confirmed that they are among the most faithful creatures on earth, and most of the followers narrated their experiences with dogs.

The clip received a large audience after social media pioneers shared it on their pages.

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