Famous Turkish Chef Burak prepares a huge UFC belt cake for Habib


Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir, famous for his special dishes and sizes, has prepared a huge cake for the retired Russian fighter Habib Nurmuhamedov, champion of the UFC Mixed Martial Arts Union (MMA).

Chef Burak decorated the “belt” cake with strawberries and chocolate pieces and wrote Habib’s name, the belt holder, next to it.


Habib posted a picture of the cake through his account on the “Instagram” site and commented on it, saying, “Thank you very much, my brother, Burak Ozdemir. It was a wonderful dinner.”

Habib Nurmuhamedov, 32, who put an end to his professional career last October, hesitates after 29 successive victories without suffering any defeat. He always frequents Ozdemir restaurant, and the chef publishes pictures of him with the Russian fighter and the dishes he brings to him.

It is noteworthy that Burak Ozdemir, known in the Arab world as “Chef Buraq,” opened a branch of his famous chain of restaurants, in the Emirate of Dubai, to adorn the Burj Khalifa with his image.

Source: Agencies

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