Days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine … a doctor dies in a suspicious way and is shocked upon examination


Several days after receiving the “Pfizer” vaccine against the emerging coronavirus, an American doctor died, in a shocking surprise, which sparked a large wave of controversy over the suspicious causes of his death, especially since he was in good health in his life.

The American doctor “Gregory Michael,” 56, from Florida, suffered a mysterious blood disorder after receiving the Pfizer vaccine against Corona.

His wife, Heidi Nickelman, pointed the finger at the Pfizer vaccine, justifying that her husband was in perfect health and did not suffer from any chronic diseases before the vaccination. Still, he died suddenly as a result of a stroke.

She confirmed that he had a rare immune disease that pushes the body to destroy platelets, which made her suspect that the Pfizer vaccine was the one that caused her husband’s health disturbance, and added: “What I think in my mind is that his death was 100% caused by the vaccine, there is no Another explanation. ”

And she noted that her husband did not smoke, rarely drank alcohol, and used to exercise and practice fishing, while he did not suffer from any chronic diseases.

And she continued: Her husband did not find any immediate symptoms after taking the dose, but he was surprised after 3 days, while he was taking a shower, with the appearance of blisters under the skin, in the areas of the feet and hands, indicating the presence of bleeding, and doctors diagnosed his condition and discovered a deficiency of blood platelets that had decreased in him, to the zero levels.

Shock on examination

At first, doctors believed that the result was wrong because the normal human body has between 150,000 and 450,000 platelets per microliter of blood. Still, the surprise came when the doctors concluded that Michael had a rare disease known as “unknown thrombocytopenic purpura,” The reason “confirms that something is wrong with the immune system.

Pfizer has issued a comment on the suspicious circumstances of death, according to the “Daily Mail,” confirming that it is aware of this sporadic incident and that it is conducting investigations.

Pfizer said in a statement that she was aware of the death but did not believe that there is any direct link to the vaccine. Dr. Gregory Michael’s death is being investigated with the Florida Department of Health and the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Samples from the autopsy that were performed were sent to the CDC, said Darren Cabrara, director of operations for the Miami-Dade County Medical Examination Department.

“Cause of death pending completion of studies” by the medical examiner and the CDC, Caprara, added in an email on Friday.

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