He found a phone on the road and when he checked it, it was a disaster!


My story today is from Ashraf, a university student distinguished by good morals and extreme honesty. The people of his village love him very much, as he is a servant who helps people.

Ashraf lives with his father and mother in a small house. Ashraf has many friends, including his best friend Ayman, his childhood friend and companion, and they work together in a clothing store. One day, while Ashraf was returning from work, he found a phone on the road.

No one was on the road at that time, as it was late at night, so he raised the phone to try to find out the identity of the owner of the phone, or that the owner of the phone would ring his phone, hoping that someone would find it and tell him where it had fallen.

When Ashraf unlocked the phone, he was shocked, finding pictures of famous people and recordings of taking bribes, in addition to obscene videos. Ashraf was shocked by what he saw, and he did not concede that the owner of this phone was extorting people for money.

Ashraf was afraid that the phone owner would find him and kill him because he found evidence of that. Without Ashraf, he took the phone and left it in his trouser pocket and soon returned home. All night, Ashraf did not sleep while he was looking at the phone and examining it.

And the next day, when he went to work, he appeared to be black. Ayman noticed that and asked him why, and Ashraf told him the story. Ayman kept silent and said, this is your chance in your life to get rich. Send these videos to people for money, then delete them from the phone and break them, and no one will recognize you.

Ashraf got scared and decided to report it to the police and give them the phone. Indeed, the matter was handed over to the police, and the police began investigations into the matter.

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