Biden: Trump is not fit to take power


US President-elect Joe Biden has said he has long believed that President Donald Trump is unfit to take power, but that it is up to Congress to decide on it after his supporters stormed Congress on Wednesday.

Biden added to reporters that his focus is on containing the “Covid-19” pandemic, ensuring the vaccination program’s acceleration, and supporting the economy.

In response to a question about legislation that Democrats in the House of Representatives are preparing to hold Trump accountable in preparation for his impeachment because of his role in fueling violence, Biden said: “This is up to the House … but we must prepare to start our work as quickly as possible.”

The US President-elect praised Trump’s decision not to attend his inauguration ceremony on January 20.

“It’s a good thing,” said Biden, from Wilmington, Delaware, while affirming that the presence of Vice President Mike Pence was “welcome.”

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