Zarif: Trump is a fraudster seeking revenge on his people


Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, described US President Donald Trump as a “fraudster taking revenge on his people” and taking worse measures against the Iranians, especially that he could use a nuclear weapon.

“A fraudulent president who sought revenge on his people has been acting much worse towards our people and others over the past 4 years,” Zarif said in a tweet posted Thursday on his Twitter account, referring to Trump.

The Iranian foreign minister added, “The disturbing thing is that this person has the authority to launch a nuclear war without hindrance, and this is a source of security concern for the entire international community.”

Yesterday evening, Wednesday, a group of Trump supporters stormed the Congress headquarters while it was holding meetings to approve the results of the presidential elections, which were won by Democrat Joe Biden, after a rally in which the current US president renewed his refusal to recognize the victory of his opponent.

Police units and special forces were later able to clear the intruders’ congressional building for lawmakers to announce their approval of the vote results. These unprecedented disturbances led to the killing of 4 people and the arrest of about 50 others. At the same time, Trump pledged after these events to implement an organized transfer of power despite his refusal to accept these results.

Source: RT

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