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The start of the session of the US Congress to vote on Biden winning the election

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The Congressional session to ratify the results of the US elections, which led to the victory of the US President-elect, Joe Biden, began a short while ago after it was suspended after supporters of the outgoing US President Donald Trump stormed the Congress building, prompting US lawmakers to flee.

Republican leader Mitch McConnell said Congress would continue to operate legally and constitutionally to certify the presidential election winner.

For his part, the Democrats, Chuck Schumer, considered that Trump bears full responsibility for the acts of violence that took place today, indicating that the events that took place in Washington today would not have happened had it not been for Trump.

Earlier, crowds of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the police barriers around the Congress building. Supporters of the US President went up to the main yard of the building and raised pro-Trump flags.

They chanted slogans rejecting the US presidential election results, which resulted in the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

After some Trump supporters entered the building, Congressional police called on House of Representatives members to make gas masks from under their seats and be prepared to use them.

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