Secret service and underground tunnels to rescue the Vice President


Evacuation scenes in Congress Americans are not accustomed to seeing them except on movie screens, especially when it comes to the vice president and the House of Representatives.

Until recently, outgoing US President Donald Trump supporters were outside the Congress building protesting the presidential election results.

But the matter developed into a storming operation and acts of violence outside and inside the Capitol, prompting US police to quickly evacuate outgoing Vice President Donald Trump and Congressmen Mike Pence.

According to American newspapers, the police demanded that MPs quickly wear the protective masks under their seats in Congress.

Another Financial Times report confirmed that US Vice President Mike Pence was moved from the Congress building by the Secret Service through underground tunnels.

US media reported that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, accompanied by the members, was evacuated to the Fort McNair army camp as soon as the riots began.

The US Capitol Police quickly issued an order to close the building, citing an external security threat. Trump supporters stormed the building to protest against congressional approval of Joe Biden’s victory.

Video footage revealed Trump supporters breaching police lines outside Congress before touring the Capitol.

The New York Times revealed that outgoing US Vice President Mike Pence ordered the National Guard’s deployment in Washington, DC, and not President Donald Trump.

The American police succeeded in controlling riots in the US Congress’s vicinity, as US officials announced that the building had become “safe.”

Reuters quoted eyewitnesses as confirming that dozens of National Guard members equipped with riot-control equipment advanced towards the protesters and removed them from the Congress building in Washington.


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