Bill Clinton: Our country is under unprecedented attack


Former US President Bill Clinton said today, Thursday, that the United States witnessed an unprecedented attack today, against the riots’ background that erupted before the Congress vote on Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the elections.

Clinton said through his account on “Twitter”: “Today we witnessed an unexpected attack on our country, the Capitol, and the Constitution.”

“The attack came after four years of toxic policies that spread misinformation and deliberately planted distrust in our system and pitting Americans against each other,” he added.

“Trump and his loyalists, including many members of Congress, ignited the match to cancel the election results in which he lost.”

And he added, “I always thought that good person built America, and they deserve appreciation, and I still do.”

Earlier, crowds of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the police barriers around the Congress building. Supporters of the US President went up to the main yard of the building and raised pro-Trump flags.

They chanted slogans rejecting the US presidential election results, which resulted in the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

After some Trump supporters entered the building, Congressional police called on House of Representatives members to make gas masks from under their seats and be prepared to use them.

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