Wonderful stories of children raised by animals!


Children raised among hens, goats, monkeys, and wolves, far from all human contact, reduced to the most complete bestiality!
Hang on tight; here are several fascinating and horrifying stories of children raised by animals!

The tragic story of a wild child raised by chickens.

Source: irishmirror

Here is the unfortunate and incomprehensible case of an Indo-Fijian, who spent his entire childhood in a chicken coop. This story is tragic and implausible and shows how much their environment and those around them shape human beings.

His name is Sujit Kumar. At two years old, he found himself without a parent. Indeed, her mother had taken her own life, and her father was murdered. It is not known how he came to be trapped in a chicken coop.

But until he was eight, this poor boy only saw chickens, so he behaved exactly like them when he was pulled out of this hellish place.

A wild man far from social life

Indeed, it emitted the same sounds, performed the same movements, had the same physiognomy as the hens; it pecked rather than eat.

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Besides, he was covered with wounds and scars. This case did not fail to attract neuropsychiatrists’ attention, who tried to reintroduce this savage man to social life.

The results, after so much combined effort, are encouraging. Indeed, Sujit Kumar is no longer nervous or aggressive, and while he is still a long way from practicing the human language, he does seem to understand certain words.

Be that as it may, the specialists are under no illusions because Sujit lived with the hens in a period of growth when the brain is malleable, and the transformations that take place are difficult to reverse…

The child raised by monkeys.

Source: Independent

John Ssebunya lived an adventure that is as sad as it is original. He was barely three years old when his father killed his mother. Lest he is the next victim, he escaped to a Ugandan jungle in the grip of extreme terror.

He later learned that the father hanged himself. John’s new life began in the woods. He said much later; several monkeys came to show him kindness at first, offering him nuts, roots, and sweet potatoes.

The strange story of a child raised by animals

Within two weeks, a friendship was born between the little boy and the monkey family, who raised him as a full member with them.

Source: brilliant news

Indeed, over time, John had learned to climb trees, to search for his food, to integrate fully among his new brothers, in the middle of a very little used forest.

But one day, a woman had ventured into the heart of this forest in search of firewood and discovered the strange life of this boy among the monkeys. She picked him up and took him to see a doctor check on the boy’s health.

The specialists, who did their utmost to bring him back to human mores, found that he behaved typically Presque. For example, he avoids meeting people’s eyes and tries to grab objects by the feet. Finally, it took more than ten years of effort to restore John to his humanity.

Amala and Kamala: Children raised by animals.

Source: darbygray

Do you know the curious story of the two Indians, Amala, and Kamala? For several years, a wolf raised these two children before being spotted by a local reverend who took them in 1920, using a clever and cautious ploy. After that, the two girls were taken to an orphanage, in a severe animal life state.

They look like real wolf cubs.

Indeed, according to the descriptions, Amala and Kamala were real cubs: they crawled on all fours, devoured raw meat, crouched down to drink the liquids they lapped.

And at night, they screamed and could easily find their way around. Also, they had become agile and fast, and their hearing skills had developed beyond measure.

Sadly, Amala, the youngest of the girls, died soon after. On the other hand, Kamala, pampered, caressed, well-fed, did not cease making admirable progress in reintegration, and she had become famous. However, her health declined, and she died around 1928.

Living with gazelles.

Here is the fascinating story of a boy who, from the age of 7, had only had gazelles for his company! Not feeding on grasses and leaves of bushes in the desert regions of eastern Mauritania.

This story takes place in the 1950s, and it was already causing a lot of talks, so much so that one day the anthropologist Jean-Claude Auger, enthusiastic and curious, decided to go and meet the one we called “Gazelle Boy.”. ”

A super-fast boy.

After gaining the herd’s trust, the anthropologist finally sees this wonderful child with dirty, stringy hair, who looked like ten years old. The anthropologist describes it: “His eyes are bright, dark and almond-shaped; his expression is pleasant and open; his ankles are disproportionately thick and noticeably powerful. ”

On this last point, the reality goes even beyond its impression because it turns out that this wild child had acquired a truly supernatural velocity.

Indeed, during a chase experiment using a Jeep, the boy, to escape the threat, reached a speed of 50 to 55 km / h! It’s all the more incredible that an Olympic sprinter only achieves 44 km / h.

Finally, the anthropologist had repeatedly tried to capture him, but his attempts all failed.


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