US officials: The Congress building is now safe

US network CNN quoted officials as saying that the Congress building is safe at the moment.
The network said that the security forces had re-established barriers in the vicinity of the Congress building. Simultaneously, the police announced that the curfew announced by the Mayor of the capital would take effect shortly.
Earlier, crowds of President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the police barriers around the Congress building, and supporters of the US President went up to the building’s main yard and raised pro-Trump flags.
They chanted slogans rejecting the US presidential election results, which resulted in the victory of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.
After some Trump supporters entered the building, Congressional police called on House of Representatives members to make gas masks from under their seats and be prepared to use them.
US President-elect Joe Biden said that Trump should be responsible.
Biden described in statements carried by “CNN,” America, the riots in Washington, the chaos that will end in the rebellion.
But Trump called on his supporters in a video, yesterday evening, to abide by peace and order, and to return to their homes, saying, “We had elections that were stolen from us … but you have to go to your homes now. We must have peace; we must have law and order.”

“We do not want anyone to be harmed … it was a fake election, but we cannot help these people; we need peace. So go to your homes … I know your feelings, but go home. Goodbye.”

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