Trump calls on Pence not to endorse the US election results


The outgoing US President Donald Trump called on his vice president, Mike Pence, not to endorse the presidential election results, describing them as fraudulent.

In a tweet on his Twitter account today, Trump said, Wednesday, “States want to correct their voices, which now know that they are based on violations and fraud, in addition to that the corruption process cannot obtain legislative approval.”

In his tweet, Trump urged Mike Pence to do everything in his power to bring back the victory to the Republican Party, saying, “Do it, Mike, this is a time of utmost courage! Talk of election fraud is disputed.”

Trump claimed yesterday, Tuesday, that his deputy, Mike Pence, has the authority to change the election results and cancel President-elect Joe Biden’s victory on the eve of the congressional session today, Wednesday certify the results of the presidential elections.

As President of the Senate, Mike Pence is supposed to chair today’s Congress to validate the outcome of the Electoral College vote.

According to “CNN,” the Vice President, in his capacity as Speaker of the Shura Council, has no right to reject the election results unilaterally.

The American law known as the Election Counting Act of 1887 stipulates that any objection to the election results during a congressional session for ratification must be signed by at least one member of the House of Representatives and at least one member of the Senate, and no objection shall be considered. At least one member from both houses.

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