The death of a woman during a congressional storming .. Video


According to security sources confirmed to local media, a woman was shot dead inside the US Congress building when several President Donald Trump supporters stormed it Wednesday afternoon, according to security sources.

Police confirmed earlier that a person was shot inside the US Capitol Building, but officials do not know details about the shooting circumstances.

Several other people, including a police officer, were injured and taken to hospital after a crowd stormed the Capitol.

The authorities did not know the deceased’s identity, but a bloodstained woman was seen in a video clip while she was being treated for an unknown injury. At the same time, medics took her on a stretcher outside the building, where an ambulance waited for her at a congressional gate.

An ambulance stopped at around 3:00 local time at the Capitol building’s southeast corner to pick up the injured woman.

A police officer told reporters that “a woman was shot in the shoulder.”

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