Because of the rain… The Turkish city of Izmir drowned


The streets of the Turkish city of Izmir were flooded after heavy rains fell on the city, as water entered homes and parking lots.

And the rainwater disrupted citizens’ lives in the city of Izmir, as they tried to remove it from homes and roads.

While the city was struck by thunderstorms and lightning, which caused the traffic movement to stop completely, firefighters were dispatched after news of flooding in some neighborhoods. They began to work on draining water in homes and parking lots with a pump.

On the other hand, the “ski resort” town of Abetton, in northern Italy, was subjected to heavy snowfall, which caused the accumulation of a large amount of snow.

The media published photos and videos of residents removing piles of snow from cars and roofs to make them more accessible.

Emergency services were also on-site to help remove snow from roads and paths. An ambulance was spotted in the area.

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