Iran plans to block “Instagram Live” service


An Iranian agency close to the security services revealed that on Monday evening, the authorities intend to block the “Instagram Live” live broadcasting service under the pretext of using this service by Iranian teenagers.

An Iranian news agency stated in a report that “the Iranian authorities intend to block the live broadcasting service from the Instagram application due to the use of this service by a 14-year-old teenager.”

“The Iranian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology opposed the issue for economic reasons,” the agency noted, adding that “with the approaching presidential elections scheduled for the middle of this year, the pressure will intensify to block the Instagram application completely.”

For his part, Iranian Member of Parliament, Reza Khawah, said, “We must limit the bandwidth of foreign social networks such as Instagram.”

Meanwhile, a member of parliament for the city of Yazd, Muhammad Salih Jokar, stressed that “it is completely wrong to block the Telegram application and leave Instagram open, what kind of blocking is this.”

In turn, the reformist political activist in Iran, “Muhammad Muhajiri,” mocked him in a tweet on “Twitter” Monday evening, which was transmitted by the “Saham News” website, criticizing the authorities ’intention to block the live broadcasting service on Instagram, and said,“ A complete block is better than provoking people’s anger and insulting When you limit the Internet and block some application services.

“Why don’t you separate Iran from the Internet and get rid of it, so that we become like North Korea,” Mohammed Muhajiri added, addressing the authorities in his country.

In the latest statistics published last December, regarding the number of users of social media platforms, where the number of Telegram users reached 49 million despite being blocked since 2018, while the number of Instagram users reached 47 million, and the number of Twitter users reached two million.

Since 2009, the Iranian authorities have blocked Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms, while in 2018, they blocked Telegram after mass protests.

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