Woman loses her legs after having nose surgery


It is not uncommon for people to suffer from excruciating side effects of cosmetic surgery. However, what happened to Sevinc Ceklik after his rhinoplasty in Turkey is far beyond comprehension.

Indeed, shortly after her nose reduction operation, doctors were forced to amputate the young woman’s legs to save her life. Overwhelmed by the situation, Sevinc has taken legal action against the hospital in question and is demanding financial compensation in the order of several thousand Australian dollars.

Nose surgery goes wrong for a woman.

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The consequences of cosmetic surgery, suffered in May 2014, were disastrous for Sevinc Ceklik. Indeed, this woman’s life has turned into an endless nightmare following nose surgery, which cost her legs.

Released the day after her operation, the woman began to have a fever and severe pain. During her visit to the hospital a week later for a check-up and a cast, she took the opportunity to talk to the surgeon. He replied that it was normal and that everything was fine.

Things got worse after the check-up.

However, the woman’s nightmare was beginning. Indeed, his state of health has worsened day by day. Worse, her legs started to go numb and turn black. This prompted his relatives to rush him to the hospital.

Blood poisoning after a woman’s nose surgery?

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Admitted to intensive care, doctors said Sevinc had bruises on his legs. And they concluded that after the nose surgery, germs infiltrated the patient’s blood. Worse yet, these spread throughout his body, causing blood poisoning.

Given the patient’s critical condition, two options were available to the woman: amputation of her legs or death. Well, as Jean-Pierre Fanguin says, the question is quickly answered.

Celik finally loses his legs.

Indeed, the family of the young woman who underwent nose surgery unanimously decided to have both legs amputated. A difficult choice but one that saved the life of Sevinc, who was 25 years old at the time.

The case finally lands in the hands of justice.

Source: DNA India

Bruised by what happened to her, Sevinc decided to file a complaint against the Turkish clinic where she performed her rhinoplasty. What the woman blames them is faulty service that would have resulted in the loss of her legs. Thus, she has instituted legal proceedings and is claiming compensation estimated at $ 177,399.

According to the young woman’s lawyer, the doctor who performed the nose surgery acted against the care’s duty. However, the hospital has completely disclaimed responsibility for what happened to Sevinc and said it was in no way guilty of the loss of the young woman’s legs.

Poisoning from eating chicken?

In its defense, the establishment has put forward a fairly complex hypothesis. According to him, Sevinc’s blood poisoning was caused by eating chicken. Indeed, it seems that the woman ate it two weeks after her nose surgery.

For the moment, the causes of the poisoning of Sevinc’s blood remain unclear. So, to shed light on this case, a court requested expert reports. Also, the verdict will be rendered in April 2021.

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