UK: bottled air to fight homesickness

The relocation agency My Baggage sells bottled British air. It is thus possible to buy air from England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.
The offer is mainly aimed at expatriate Britons feeling homesick or confined people. Today, these bottles are out of stock.

British air in a bottle

Source: Ouest-France

It is now possible for 25 pounds or just under 28 euros to get a bottle of British air. In any case, this is what My Baggage relocation agency offers.

Shipping costs are even free for buyers residing in the UK. But it costs around 5 pounds, almost 5.5 euros, for addresses outside the country. Besides, the product is mainly intended for expatriates.

Air from four countries

Thus, they can buy bottled air from Scotland, England, Wales, and even Northern Ireland, which is “captured” in the Highlands, in Nottingham, in the heart of the massif. From Snowdonia or in a field near the Irish border.

My Baggage also claims to have air bottles that contain both the scent of freshly mown grass and the characteristic scent of UK city centers.

The bottled air of the London Underground

Source: lepetitjournal

And those who are not satisfied with the flavors available can pick up premium and specific flavors on demand, like that of the London Underground or a Norfolk fish and chips.

“We know that our sense of smell is linked to our emotional memories. This year, Britons living abroad have had less opportunity than usual to return home, ”said Paul Stewart, Managing Director of My Baggage.

“We thought we were going to give them something that reminds them of their country. And of course, it also works for people confined  and who cannot travel, ”he added.

The air in a bottle: a resounding success

Source: Courrierinternational

So how do you go about getting a breath of the country? Well, it is quite simple. Each air bottle, with a capacity of 500 milliliters, is, in fact, sealed with a cork stopper.

Consequently, the user will be able to open it and then close it quickly, the time to inhale the perfume and then keep it for future olfactory “trips.” Meanwhile, the contents of the bottles are “taken using traditional methods and promise authentic UK flavors,” according to My Baggage.

Sold out

Also, Paul Stewart affirms that “in a year when events have been so difficult for everyone. We really try to put a smile on people’s faces. Most of them just want it for their fireplace or as a fancy gift for a friend ”.

And the least we can say is that this product is a huge success! Indeed, the majority of the bottles offered on the site are out of stock. After all, the idea of ​​bottling air is original, to say the least.

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