Lebanon: Gas and diesel tanks exploded in the Al-Qasr border area with Syria … Video


Lebanese local media reported that a huge explosion occurred in tanks of gas and diesel, this evening, Sunday, in the Al-Qasr border area with Syria.

According to the “Al-Nasra” website , the explosion occurred in tanks of gas and diesel at the Al-Areed crossing in the Al-Qasr border area, and gas bottles are still exploding until this moment.

The explosion caused resounding damage, and the flames extended to a length of 10 meters, while the results of the explosion were not known about whether there were any injuries.

The Lebanese Red Cross reported that there were 5 injuries in the palace explosion, and three teams of the Lebanese Red Cross went to the scene of the explosion.

This explosion coincided with an intense flight of Israeli warplanes over the various Lebanese regions.

The Lebanese Civil Defense Forces immediately carried out operations to put out the explosive tanks at the Al-Show border crossing in the Lebanese Qasr area.

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