Global Health: There are signs of victory over Corona this year


Today, Sunday, the World Health Organization (WHO) sent a message of reassurance to the whole world, at a time when the outbreak of the second waves of the virus, which is sweeping most of the world, is living.

In statements to the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC,” Margaret Harris, a spokeswoman for the World Health Organization, said that there are signs of victory over the Coronavirus during the current year 2021, provided that there is a commitment to order and safety.

He added: “It is important to maintain low rates of infection during the vaccination process, but this depends on people’s behavior and a sense of responsibility towards the threat of the virus.”

She emphasized that “the vaccine is only effective if infection rates decrease, and then we can say that a person has triumphed over the epidemic.”

Also, India has become the first country that has succeeded in isolating and extracting the new mutated strain of Coronavirus, which was recently discovered in Britain.

And the Indian Council of Medical Research announced that India had succeeded in cultivating the new Coronavirus strain that originated in Britain.

In a tweet on Twitter, the council said that the new strain of Coronavirus, with all its mutations, is being isolated and successfully cultivated after collecting samples from arrivals from Britain.

It means the cultivation process in the virus, which is how cells grow under control outside their natural environment.

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