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Corona deaths in the United States exceed 350,000 in one day

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The United States set another record for new Corona cases with nearly 300,000 people who tested positive in one day. New CDC data indicates that the country’s true number is already approaching half a million.

The total number of US deaths due to the pandemic had surpassed 350,000 after Johns Hopkins University reported 2,398 new deaths.

However, according to the CDC study, which measures the number of excess deaths in the country in 2020, the total number of deaths is much higher.

The agency calculates the number of excess deaths in a year based on the number of people in the United States in previous years.

The report showed that up to 431,792 more deaths than expected from February through December 19.

At that time, the death toll was reported at 316,000, and considering an additional 31,000 people who have died since then; the data indicate that the actual death toll is likely to close to 470,000.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, it comes as 299,087 new infections were reported across the country as of Saturday evening, marking the largest one-day increase since the start of the epidemic in March.

Hospitalizations have remained above six figures again, with 123,639 people currently being treated for the virus.

The data shows that 23,152 of those hospitalized are in intensive care and 7,918 are on ventilators.

Daily deaths have dropped to less than 3,000 in the past two days, with 2,398 deaths reported on Saturday.

However, the changes may result from a backlog due to holidays, which means the true figure could be higher.

Many states were not included in today’s data, and other countries did not update current hospital numbers. Still, these metrics are expected to stabilize over the next week, as indicated by the Covid 19 Tracking Project.

The health crisis has become particularly acute in California, which was once a model in combating the outbreak. It has increased capacity for Corona patients, and funeral venues run out of bodies piling up.

Meanwhile, in Florida, where cases increase, residents flock to popular beaches and bars in Miami to celebrate the New Year.

On Saturday, hundreds of revelers were seen enjoying the sunshine on South Beach, while others flocked to a nearby hotel to attend a loud party.

Celebrators dropped drinks and danced to the music as their celebrations extended over the sidewalk, seeming to alarm some elderly citizens who were making their way through the area at the same time.

On the same day, Miami-Dade County recorded more than 5,000 new cases of COVID-19 – Corona, in addition to 51 new deaths due to the virus.

Miami has now recorded a total of 304,000 cases of coronavirus since the pandemic began early last year.

Health officials fear the recent holiday gatherings could lead to another spike in cases and lead to an increase in virus-related deaths later this month.

Funeral homes in Southern California have been forced to turn away bereaved families as space runs out due to the large body accumulation.

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