Panic and fear … a new virus outbreak in Wuhan China


The Chinese authorities launched an extensive investigation into the spread of viral pneumonia in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which infected dozens of people.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC,” Chinese officials said that 44 people had been confirmed so far with viral pneumonia in the city, including 11 severe cases.

And this new outbreak of the disease in the city prompted Singapore and Hong Kong to examine all travelers from the Chinese city.

This comes amid fears of a relationship between this virus and the SARS virus or acute respiratory syndrome.

Meanwhile, the Chinese city of Wuhan police said that eight people were punished for publishing or exchanging information about the matter so far without verification of the matter.

While the Health Commission in Wuhan, China, announced that it is conducting an extensive investigation into the cause of the new virus outbreak in the city.

In a statement on her website, she stated that she had already excluded several infection sources – including influenza, bird flu, and common respiratory illnesses – but did not mention SARS.

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