Prepare for the worst … an urgent warning from the British government to hospitals due to Corona


The British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC” said that all hospitals across Britain had received warnings of the need to prepare for what is worse in dealing with the new strain of Coronavirus and face great pressures such as those facing health care hospitals in London and the southeast of England.

“The new strain of the virus is more contagious and is spreading across the country,” said Professor Andrew Goddard, President of the Royal College of Physicians.

The “BBC” indicated that the weekly infection rate of Coronavirus in London reached 858 cases per 100,000 people, double the number of infections in the rest of the United Kingdom.

She added that this came at a time when nearly half of the secondary unit hospitals (Hospital Trust) that provide secondary care to the Public Health Services in England are said to be dealing with a huge number of Corona patients than the infection numbers at the peak of the first wave in April.

The British government decided to close primary schools in the capital, London, after hospital directors in Britain warned that the next few weeks would be “tough,” as the rates of infection with the new variable virus exceeded 50 thousand infections for the fourth consecutive day, and the rate of infection reached more than 70%.

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