Fired for deliberately destroying 500 doses of anti-Covid vaccine


Confirmed reports that a nurse in a hospital in the US state of Wisconsin has been arrested and fired from work because 500 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been removed from the fridge, making them unusable. Local Police Thursday.

Police in Grafton, near Milwaukee, said the suspected employee was accused of “tampering with and causing the destruction of 57 vials containing approximately 570 doses of the novel coronavirus vaccine.”

The employee admitted his action was deliberate.

A delay for 500 people

The vaccine in question must be stored at a shallow temperature under special conditions and cannot remain for more than thirty minutes at room temperature.

“We are more than disappointed that the action of this individual will cause more than 500 people to receive the vaccine late. This is a violation of our core values, and we will no longer employ this person, ”commented Aurora Health Hospital.

About 50 people who had received the doses removed from the refrigerator before they were discarded were warned that the inoculation might be less effective.

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