Study: The effect of electronic cigarettes on memory


Many consider e-cigarettes to be less harmful than regular cigarettes, so their prevalence has exploded among young people. But recent studies confirm that the health hazards of vaping are more dangerous than traditional cigarettes. How is that?

Electronic cigarettes on memory

The effect of electronic cigarettes on memory

Two recent studies conducted by researchers from the University of Rochester, USA, found a clear relationship between traditional smoking or smoking e-cigarettes on the one hand, and mental confusion.

According to the results of the two studies, adolescents and adults who smoke traditional cigarettes or e-cigarettes have difficulty concentrating, remembering, or deciding, compared to their non-smoking peers. The results also showed that children are more likely to have these symptoms if they started smoking before the age of 14 years.

According to the researchers, these results provide additional evidence that smoking e-cigarettes, although it is less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes, is not a safe alternative to them.

Study on smoking

The researchers analyzed data from over 900,000 middle and high school students who took part in two national surveys in the United States of America. Nearly similar questions were asked in both surveys and were related to smoking habits (traditional or electronic), in addition to questions about problems with the study, attention, and mental function.

Damages of electronic cigarettes

Both studies showed that smoking in both traditional and electronic forms is associated with an increased risk of mental function disorder, especially when smoking at 13 years or earlier, and that there is no difference between smoking traditional cigarettes only or electronic cigarettes only.

It is known that adolescence is a sensitive stage in development, especially at the nervous level, so adolescents are more susceptible to the negative effects of nicotine, which is found in approximately equal proportions in both types of traditional and electronic cigarettes.

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