Global Village Dubai begins 2021 with a new Guinness record


Global Village in Dubai set a new Guinness record during its exceptional New Year celebrations 2021.

The village hosted its guests during the last night of 2020 with a bouquet of entertainment programs that were appreciated by everyone and left with them the most wonderful memories, establishing its first place among family entertainment destinations to celebrate this global occasion.

In line with the global village tradition of celebrating with countries and cultures from all over the world, the family destination continued to count down until midnight to launch fireworks displays in conjunction with midnight in 7 countries around the world and with midnight marking the official beginning of the new year in the United Arab Emirates.

The most spectacular fireworks show was launched on the global village’s “Sweet Life Together” song, and the song released earlier in 2020 was one of the ideal elements for welcoming the New Year with the voice of Ahlam and Global Superstar Redwan about coexistence and what can be achieved when people cooperate to achieve their dreams The celebration did not end at midnight, as the last fireworks display in the United Arab Emirates took place over the Global Village at one o’clock in the morning, coinciding with the entry of the New Year in the Russian capital, Moscow.

At the end of the evening, guests and staff witnessed an extraordinary moving performance at the Global Village lake to watch a live show coinciding with the fountain show in honor of the frontline heroes who put their integrated efforts in 2020 to keep us safe.

After the “Greetings to Heroes” presentation, Global Village witnessed a wave of warm applause in appreciation of the doctors, nurses, paramedics, examination and care staff, cleaning staff, police, ambulance services, civil defense, and all the soldiers and heroes of the first line of defense who have cared for their communities for their safety around the world during the past year.

During the New Year’s Eve celebrations, Global Village set a new record in Guinness World Records with the largest underwater display with “LED” technology, with  ​​5013,394 square meters 223,000 pixels.

The guests witnessed the countdown to the new year “UAE time” on New Year’s Eve through the screen that displays videos and pictures in addition to the dancing water fountain and fire. They were also able to enjoy a close look at the huge screen, which is the ninth record for this season. The destination is close to its ambitious goal of breaking 25 records as part of its Silver Jubilee celebrations.

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