The Pope calls for peace in 2021


After missing Thursday night’s celebrations at St. Peter’s Basilica, Pope Francis delivered his first message of the year to the planet on Friday.

It was during the traditional Angelus prayer. The Sovereign Pontiff has renewed his call for peace.

“The painful events that marked the journey of humanity over the past year, in particular the pandemic, have taught us how necessary it is to take an interest in the problems of others and to share their concerns. This attitude represents the path that leads to peace because it promotes the construction of a society based on fraternal relations. Each of us, men and women of this time, is called to make peace “, declared the head of the Catholic Church.

François presented his wishes to the world for the New Year. So

“I wish you all a year of peace, a year of hope, with the protection of Maria, the Blessed Mother of God.” The Pope, 84, is not at his best. He is in pain. Of painful sciatica: “Please don’t forget to pray for me,” said Francis.

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