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Ukrainian plane compensation… Canada imposes an international blockade on Iran

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Canada confirmed that other countries had taken a coordinated approach to obtain compensation from Iran for shooting down the Ukrainian passenger plane.

Clear Canadian measures unveiled by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Francois Philippe Champaign, who works as a coordinator for countries that lost citizens in a Ukrainian passenger plane that was shot down in Iran in early 2020.

“This includes not only compensation for families, but also an account of the events that led to the tragic outcome,” the German news agency DPA quoted Champaign as saying.

He added that the discussions between these countries and Iran were related to the structure and methods of future negotiations, noting that no negotiations or other meetings were held, and Tehran did not make official offers to these countries.

The Canadian minister stated that “compensation for the losses that came from the shooting down of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 will be determined by international law through multilateral negotiations between the Coordination Group and Iran countries.”

Champaign said that negotiations over compensation are the best way to hold Iran accountable for its actions in bringing down the ill-fated plane and ensuring full compensation for the affected families and countries, adding, “We will continue to fight for justice and accountability every step of the way.”

On Wednesday, Iran expressed its willingness to pay compensation to the victims’ relatives, by $ 150,000, to the families of each of the 176 victims.

The announcement comes nearly a year after a Ukrainian Boeing plane was shot down on January 8, shortly after it took off from Tehran, killing 176 people on board.

Iran admitted it shot down the plane after a delay. In mid-July, the aviation authority spoke of a “human error” in its final report.

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