South Africa bans the sale of alcohol to relieve the country’s hospitals

Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa, announced on December 28 the suspension of alcohol sales in the country until January 15. The reason?
First, to reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19, we are less concerned about social distance under the influence of alcohol. Second, to reduce the number of hospital admissions.

South Africa bans the sale of alcohol.

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After discovering a new, more contagious variant of the virus, a priori different from England, South Africa has decided to tighten the screw. Indeed, on Monday, December 28, President Cyril Ramaphosa presented a press conference on new health measures.

Starting with the ban on the sale of alcohol in South Africa until January 15, at a minimum. “Reckless behavior due to drunkenness has contributed to the increase in transmissions. Accidents and violence linked to alcohol put pressure on our emergency services, ”the president explained.

Before adding: “each relaxation in our restrictions” concerning alcohol has resulted in “an increased number” of hospitalizations. Thus, “as in the first days of containment, we must now flatten the curve to protect the capacity of our health system to be able to respond effectively to this new wave of infections. “

Sale of alcohol banned in South Africa: a first in March

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However, this diet is not as new as it seems. And for a good reason! As of March, the alcohol trade was already on hold in South Africa. However, this measure had then aroused the dissatisfaction of companies. But also from the Democratic Alliance, the country’s main opposition party.

However, at the time, this ban had borne fruit. Indeed, the number of traumas presented to the emergency room had fallen by 60%, according to the Guardian.

Today, we can imagine that the decision to ban alcohol sales in South Africa displeases more than one person. Nevertheless, the circulation of alcohol is already largely hampered. Yes, in recent days, it was only possible to buy it from Monday to Thursday during the day.

Other stringent measures

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Also, in parallel with the ban on the sale of alcohol, South Africa has taken other stringent measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. This is particularly the case for wearing a mask, which is now compulsory in all public places.

The president specified that the violators of this “drastic but now necessary measure” will be exposed to fines, even imprisonment.

More than 26,700 dead

Also, indoor and outdoor gatherings are prohibited for two weeks, except for funerals, limited to 50 people. And for “other exceptions.”

The curfew is widened. It thus goes from 11 p.m. to 9 p.m. to last until 6 a.m. “Apart from authorized workers and for medical and security emergencies, no one is allowed to leave their place of residence during curfew,” said Cyril Ramaphosa.

After all, the country became the first African country last Sunday to exceed one million infections. It even has more than 26,700 dead. Therefore, the ban on the sale of alcohol was necessary for South Africa.

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