Mohamed Salah Thousands of messages for Christmas pictures.


Liverpool player Mohamed Salah has sparked anger among Muslim internet users after a photo was published showing him celebrating Christmas with his wife and two daughters.

Ainsi, face à cette vague d’insultes, un mouvement de solidarité s’est rapidement formé pour prendre la défense du footballeur égyptien.

Mohamed Salah posts a Christmas photo.



Liverpool player Mohamed Salah sparked controversy following the publication of a photo showing him celebrating Christmas. Indeed, in the photo, we can see him accompanied by his two daughters and his wife, all dressed in pajamas in the theme of the event, in front of a Christmas tree.

But this family image shared by this Muslim player did not please everyone. It has even provoked the ire of many Muslims who indulged in insulting social media posts.

Thus, since the publication of Mohamed Salah’s tweet, hate messages have rocketed from everywhere. One woman wrote, “I hope you are ashamed of yourself.” And that’s not all! Many other internet users also wanted to express their anger.

Mohamed Salah receives messages of insults for a Christmas photo.

Source: Atalaya

Indeed, in many comments, one person called Mohamed Salah a “so-called Muslim.” While another wrote instead: “Wesh Salah, it was just fake the Quran in my hands before matches, I’m pissed off, he never opened it.”

Indignant, a net surfer also said: “I like you, but you’re a Muslim boy; I’ll call you back.” Among the many comments, one can also read: “Today you are a Christian and tomorrow you are a Muslim. You will have to explain this to your creator ”.

Photos retweeted more than 28,000 times.

The international player’s photos have even been retweeted more than 28,000 times and “liked” more than 300,000 times. Additionally, on Instagram, the images received nearly 3 million likes on the footballer’s official account.

Internet users defend Mohamed Salah.

However, several Internet users, for their part, condemned the wave of hatred poured out on Mohamed Salah. One person said: “Liverpool player Mohamed Salah celebrates Christmas with his family and shares it on Tweeter. This moment could be magical and should be, but it is entitled to a torrent of hatred from Islamists (…) “.

Another internet user says: “I live in Dubai and [there are] Christmas trees in every shopping malls, Christmas carols in every store, Christmas markets everywhere and it’s in a Muslim country, imagine that but 100 times in the UK, is he really going to rob his daughter of all that joy and happiness that her friends experience? “.

To defend this football star, a user of social networks assured: “Mohamed Salah celebrates Christmas. I am not a believer, and I celebrate Christmas too. It hasn’t been religious for a long time. Religion is private. It becomes severe all these extremists (…) ”.

Despite all these supportive comments, Mohamed Salah continues to receive several insulting messages. However, the footballer has not officially reacted to this controversy.



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