Mercato: Messi’s future is the lion of the winter transfer market


Lionel Messi’s future, whose contract with Barcelona expires on June 30, will be rich material in the winter transfer market, which opens in Europe from Friday.

Messi was about to leave the Catalan club when he expressed his desire to do so last August before reversing his decision.

While Messi was staying at the club, his boss, Josep Maria Bartomeu, was forced to resign after several scandals and administrative setbacks.

Messi revealed in an interview with the Spanish “La Sexta” channel, broadcast 3 days ago that he does not know what the future holds for him yet, and said in this regard: “I have not decided anything. I do not know yet. I am focused and do not know how the season will end.”

Mercato: Messi’s future is the lion of the winter transfer market.

There is no doubt that if Messi, the 33-year-old six-time Ballon d’Or winner, decides, the big clubs will seek to sign him, most notably Paris Saint-Germain, where he will be able to play alongside him, and Brazilian friend Neymar and Manchester City will play again under the coach’s supervision Spaniard Pep Guardiola, who won the Spanish League three times and the Champions League twice in four seasons under his supervision.

In contrast, the contract of defense tycoon and Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos expires in June, but the royal team has more chances to maintain their services.

There is no doubt that the fate of these two players will be rich material for the Spanish newspapers, especially since the elite clubs in the Spanish League are suffering from financial hardship unparalleled in their history; Also, Real Madrid and Barcelona have invested a lot in modernizing the Santiago Bernabeu and Camp Nou, respectively, and thus they will not spend huge sums to bring in new players at present.

In England, Premier League clubs have not spent much money except for Chelsea, and the next transfer market will be the first after the Brexit agreement is signed. So it’s likely to see more departures than players arrive.

Last season’s champion Liverpool may strengthen its ranks in the back ranks, in light of the many injuries that afflicted their defense, especially the Dutch duo Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez.

Manchester City coach Guardiola was clear when he indicated that his club would not make any deal during the winter transfer period, and the same applies to Chelsea and Tottenham, who do not suffer from any shortage in their ranks.

As for Italy, Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte is still upset about his team’s exit from the Champions League empty-handed and considered that the contracts were not enough even though his team is full of new players. So he hopes to strengthen his wool more to pursue the dream of winning the Italian league title (Scudetto) ).

Most likely, Juventus, who ranks sixth, but with a postponed match, will not initiate any new contracts and give time to its new coach and former star Andrea Pirlo to find the perfect combination for his current squad.

As Bayern Munich seldom entered into contracts in January to consolidate their ranks, Germany is no exception to the rule.

Source: “AFP”

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