America records more than 3,900 new deaths from the Coronavirus


Today, Thursday, Johns Hopkins University of America reported that the United States recorded more than 3,900 deaths from the Coronavirus during the past 24 hours.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that two million 589 thousand and 125 people in the country had been vaccinated with the first dose of Covid-19 vaccines as of Wednesday morning, and 12 million and 409,050 doses had been distributed.

She added that these numbers include the vaccines of Moderna and the Pfizer-Biotech Alliance.

Statistics published by the centers on Monday indicated that two million 127,143 doses were vaccinated with the first dose of the two vaccines, and 11 million and 445175 doses were distributed.

The centers also stated that the number of new infections with the new Coronavirus jumped by 199,282 cases compared to the previous census to 19 million 432 thousand and 125 infections. In comparison, the number of deaths increased from 3390 to 337,419 cases.

The statistics of injuries and deaths include the period until 4 pm yesterday, eastern United States time, compared to previous figures published by the centers the day before.

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