Messi hints revive City’s plan


The recent dialogue that Barcelona star Lionel Messi has with La Sexta is still the focus of the international media’s attention, especially the English ones, in light of doubts about the future of the Blaugrana legend.

Messi’s contract with Barcelona expires at the end of the current season, knowing that he had officially requested to leave Barcelona last summer. Still, the club insisted on obtaining the full penalty clause (700 million euros).

Messi’s decision encouraged several clubs to put him within their interests, led by Manchester City, especially in former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola inside the Etihad Stadium.

According to the English newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Messi’s recent statements about his aspiration to play in the United States of America have encouraged Manchester City more about contracting him.

She suggested that these statements may revive Manchester City’s first plan to lure Messi.

The city was planning to include Messi for 3 seasons, to be allowed to move to New York City club in the United States, for two seasons, noting that the latter is one of the clubs owned by “Citigroup.”

Barcelona has been suffering for two seasons with a significant decline in results and tournaments, whether domestic or continental, which annoys Messi greatly.

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