Israeli tourists in the Emirates steal from hotels


Israeli reports: Israeli tourists in the UAE steal everything they could carry from hotels.

A month has passed since the start of flights between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. There are already reports that Israeli tourists are stealing from hotels everything they can carry, according to “Yediot Aharonot.”

The newspaper quoted an Israeli businessman as saying, “Many years ago I came to the United Arab Emirates and did business there. I arrived last month at the hotel I was staying in, and I was terrified when I saw in the hotel’s lobby, the Israelis open their bags before checking out, and things are being searched for. Stolen rooms. ”

A hotel manager overlooking the Burj Khalifa said: “We host hundreds of tourists from all over the world, and there are quite a few tourists who are causing problems. And recently, we have stopped Israeli tourists who come to the hotel and take everything we have to carry with them, such as towels, tea bags, coffee, and even Lamps “. “.

The newspaper adds that it asked the hotel manager to provide examples of the thefts committed by the Israelis, so he said: “A family with two children wanted to check out, and we found that things were missing in the room. When the hotel representative asked to explain these things’ loss, the guests started screaming .., they agreed. On opening the bags, they found ice buckets, hangers, and face towels … We told them that we would inform the police. They decided to return the things and apologize. ”

Source: “Yediot Aharonot”

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