A new pandemic and the end of Europe … terrifying predictions from a blind fortune teller for 2021


A new pandemic, the end of Europe and the restriction of cancer … terrifying predictions from blind divination for 2021

Vangelia Pandeva Guchterova, known as Grandmother Vanga, “the blind fortune teller,” was born in one of the Bulgarian cities that was located within the provinces of the Ottoman Empire at that time, while the world was preparing to fight its first world wars, precisely on the last day of the first month of 1911 And one night in the darkness of this child, her mother died when she was three years old, and her father abandoned her and married another woman, leaving her facing her dark fate alone until she became. Seven years and then returned to her again after the intervention of one of her relatives.

When she was playing “Vanga” with her cousins ​​at the age of twelve, a storm hit her, raised her in the air, and threw her into a nearby field. When she tried to open her eyes, she faced difficulty. In it because of the dust that got into them. Three surgeries later failed to restore her eyesight, and she was then sent to a school for the blind, known to have an extraordinary ability to predict.

“If I were to tell people everything that I saw and knew … they would have left this world immediately.” These are the most prominent sentences of blind fortune-tellers that predicted the future and some natural disasters.

The blind fortune teller died at the age of 85, and before her death, she revealed a series of predictions for 2020 and 2021, expecting that the forty-fifth president of the United States will succumb to an unknown disease some point. Shortly, the disease will cause his hearing loss, tinnitus, and brain trauma.

And she expected the spread of a new epidemic that will hit the world in 2021. It will be different from the Corona epidemic, and that the Corona epidemic will worsen significantly and the destruction of many living organisms in addition to exposure to floods. Earthquakes, storms, and big waves.

Her most prominent predictions. For the year 2021, the following:

1- The end of the continent of Europe.

The Bulgarian fortune teller Vanga predicted that 2021 will “bring the invasion of extremists” to Europe and that the continent will face chemical attacks from “gauze invaders,” as the European continent will be in great danger that may reach the “end of its era.” More specifically, one close to her said. That “the extremists will use an arsenal of chemical weapons against the Europeans.”

2- The fall of Europe.

Vanga predicts the economic meltdown of Europe in 2021.

3- The assassination of the Russian president
It also expected to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin and claimed that this threat to kill the Kremlin leader might come from within his country.

4- Trump’s disease is mysterious.

And about the outgoing US President, Donald Trump, Vanga expected that he would develop a mysterious disease that would make him deaf and suffer a brain shock.

5- Natural events and disasters that change the world.

Baba Vanga predicted that humanity would face changes in nature and huge confrontations and said: “The world will suffer many great disasters … people’s consciousness will change.”

6- Sharp divisions in beliefs among people.

“Troubled times will come,” said Baba Vanga. “People will be divided according to their beliefs … destructive events will change the fate of humanity.”

7- Discovering life on new planets.

For the distant future, she predicted that “life will be discovered on planets other than Earth, and it will become clear how life appeared on Earth for the first time.”
Over the next 200 years, people will communicate with their spiritual siblings from other worlds.

8- Trains will fly.

It also expected the “trains” to fly using sunlight. It also expected the production of gasoline to stop, and thus the land would stabilize.

9- The dragon rules humanity.

In her forecast for 2021, she said: “A strong dragon is controlling humanity… the three giants will unite.

I see numbers 100 and 5 and many zeros. People are carrying red coins.” The interpreters of Vanga’s prediction assumed that the “dragon” is the country of China that has become a great power, and the three giants maybe Russia, India, and China, and as far as money is concerned, the banknotes of 100 yuan and 5000 rubles have a red color.

10- Eliminate cancer.

According to Vanga: “At the beginning of 2021, humanity will get rid of cancer. The day will come when cancer will be tied by chains of iron.”

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