The neighbors of the American Nashville attacker reveal new information about him


American media reported statements from some of the Nashville accident bomber neighbors, Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, who was killed in the accident.

According to what was reported by the American network “CNN,” Rick Lod, one of Warner’s neighbors, said that he spoke to the attacker just before Christmas, saying, “I told him, Anthony, will Santa give you something good for Christmas?” Then he added. He replied, “Yes, I’ll be more famous. Nashville will never forget me.”

His other neighbor, Steve Schmoldt, said that Warner was somewhat isolated from other neighbors, as his interaction with those around him was only through the fence.

And US investigators continue to look into the possible motives of the bomber of the Nashville explosion, which occurred days ago, after being identified and identified.

According to “CNN” America, investigators said that the recreational vehicle involved in the Nashville explosion was broadcasting a recorded warning to evacuate the area, indicating that a bomb would explode within 15 minutes.

After being informed of the warning, mayor John Cooper said that Nashville police officers immediately proceeded to act and heed the call, knocking on doors and evacuating residents from the area.

Doug Korniski, the FBI Special Agent, confirmed that investigators are looking at “any possible motives for the accused.”

On Monday, the Nashville police announced that the suspect in the city explosion was Anthony Warner, who was killed in the accident.

Police said Warner, 63, was behind the explosion in Nashville in which there was no other suspect, but that there could still be more.

The police published the first photo of the suspect in the accident’s commission, asking citizens for more information about him.

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