Russia is pursuing Navalny … he spent 4 million euros in personal donations


Russian authorities announced opening an investigation into “widespread fraud” against the opposition Alexei Navalny, who has been recovering outside the country since he was subjected to poisoning.

The Russian Federal Investigation Committee said in a statement Tuesday that suspicions are surrounding Navalny’s spending of 356 million rubles (3.9 million euros according to the current exchange rate) for personal purposes, the source of which was donations collected by “several” organizations, especially associations fighting corruption or concerned with protecting human rights.

The 44-year-old activist fell ill during a flight in Russia in August and was transferred to Germany, where experts concluded that he was poisoned with the nerve gas “Novichok” designed in Soviet laboratories.

Doctors who treated the Russian dissident before his transfer to Berlin said he was not poisoned but rather had health problems related to metabolism and pancreatitis.

Navalny is still in Germany for treatment but has vowed to return to Russia after a full recovery.

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