In the spirit of Spider-Man … a child jumps off the balcony to save his baby sister


A 7-year-old boy managed to save his sister’s life from certain death; After their home was set on fire, and the fire from all sides surrounded his baby sister’s room.

The parents “Chris” and “Nicole Davidson” had dinner with their three children, put them to bed, and fell asleep. Hours later, mother “Nicole Davidson” woke up to the smell of smoke.

Within minutes, the family home was on fire, and the 22-month-old baby “Irene Davidson” was stuck in her room, so the child “Ellie” had only to jump into his sister’s room through the window, to catch her, and to save her from a fire that destroyed his entire family home. According to what was published by “CNN” of America.

While the couple was able to hold the two-year-old baby, and the baby “Ellie,” as the baby’s bedroom was surrounded by fire.

“The smoke and fire were so dense that I couldn’t reach them,” Chris Davidson told CNN. We went outside to get to it through the window, but there was nothing to stand on to get there. So I picked up Ellie, who got in through the window and managed to get her from her bed.

Father “Davidson,” said: “I am extremely proud of what Ellie did … He did something a big man would never do, and he did it in time.”

By the time 20 firefighters arrived at the scene, the house was already flooded with fire, and the next day “there was nothing left.”

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