Germany plans to extend complete lockdown to confront “Corona”


On Monday evening, German officials expected to extend the complete lockdown in the country beyond January 10, in light of the high number of Coronavirus infections.

In televised statements, the Chancellor’s office chief, Helge Brown, said: “When state governors and government representatives meet on January 5, we will not be able to assess the epidemiological situation accurately.”

He continued, “Therefore, we will have to extend the complete closure” of restaurants, cafes, bars, and entertainment and cultural institutions, as well as “an extension of the ban on gatherings and the restrictions on going out to the streets.”

The German government spokeswoman, Ulrike Demer, said in a press statement: “The current casualty figures must be dealt with great caution because they do not include the outcome of the Christmas period.”

“The situation in hospitals shows the difficult conditions we are going through,” she added.

The Prime Minister of the southern state of Saarland, Tolpias Hans, said that “the closure must be extended during our next meeting,” continuing, “By mid-January, we can assess the impact of the holiday on the rate of injuries.”

In turn, Thuringia’s chief minister, Budo Ramilo, said that the current lockdown should be extended beyond January 10.

“There are no indications of easing the closure restrictions during the meeting of state governors and the government on January 5,” he said in press statements.

In mid-December, the German authorities imposed a comprehensive closure of all stores, except stores of basic materials, cultural and entertainment institutions, and imposed strict restrictions on gatherings and taking to the streets, to end on January 10.

And earlier on Monday, the Robert Koch Institute for Disease Control in Germany announced that the country’s health offices had recorded 348 new deaths within 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 30,126.

The institute also announced that health offices recorded 10,976 new cases of coronavirus.

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