United States: Father arrested for beheading his son and daughter


Maurice Taylor

The firefighters thought to intervene for a gas leak. But upon entering this house in California, they made a gruesome discovery, to say the least. And for a good reason!
They found the lifeless bodies of a 12-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl. The police were then immediately called in for reinforcement, and their father, a sports coach, was arrested.

Two children were found beheaded in their rooms.

Source: nzherald

In Lancaster, California, a 34-year-old man was arrested this Friday, December 4, after two of his children, a son, and a daughter, were found dead at their home. The reason?

Once there, firefighters from the Los Angeles Fire Department observed the bodies of a 12-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl in two separate rooms. Thus, they found the dead bodies at the crime scene.

A family in shock

Following the shocking discovery, firefighters called the police, who later explained that the two victims “suffered from lacerations and deep cuts.” The son and daughter were, in fact, completely beheaded! This prompted the police to arrest the father of the family immediately.

The mother and two other children, present in the house, did not bear any abuse trace. Therefore, once interviewed, the children were sent to the hospital as a precaution before being transferred to social services. The mother, meanwhile, was heard and released.

Father, under pressure, beheads his son and daughter.

Source: Dailymail

The suspect, Maurice Taylor, works as a trainer and sports coach. According to the entourage of the family questioned, Maurice Taylor is a man who is usually “gentle,” “reliable,” and “responsive.”

The neighbors indeed explained that the family was very discreet and rarely went out.   “I never saw anyone come out of this house. It seemed that the windows were all boarded up, ”one said.

A man under pressure

“Take the nicest person you know and multiply that by five,” assured, for his part, one of the clients of Maurice Taylor, the father of the family arrested. But the witness nevertheless admitted that the arrested sports coach “lived under incredible pressure.

A sports coach, father, arrested for beheading his son and daughter

Source: nypost

Thanks to these investigations, the police were informed that because of the Covide-19 pandemic, the sports coach was arrested, working remotely, and gave gym classes by video conference to his clients. One of her clients even let it be known that she suspected something was wrong that week.

Indeed, she was worried when Maurice Taylor did not send her the zoom link for a  sports session already scheduled. Also, he was no longer reachable. “I knew they couldn’t be out of town. They didn’t have money to travel, ”she said.

The imprisoned father

So it turns out that this client called for help, thinking that something bad had happened. “I was afraid of carbon monoxide poisoning and that they would die after falling asleep,” she said.

Suspected of infanticide, today we jailed Maurice Taylor, the father who beheaded his son and daughter, and his bail was subsequently set at $ 2 million. He faces a prison sentence of 57 years and 4 months. His trial will be held at the end of December..”

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