Carrot Magic Stage receives an arrow in its head in Canada


Residents of a neighborhood in Kenora, Ontario, were surprised to find a familiar deer with an arrow in its head. They called it the “magic carrot of the stag.”

In the wake of this incident, the local photographer created a Facebook page to support him and mobilize against the law that allows shooting urban deer with bows and arrows.

Magic carrot deer, spot with an arrow to the head


Source: nypost

After its discovery, the deer has become a local curiosity while walking through a neighborhood in Kenora, a city in Ontario, Canada, with a dangerous arrow piercing its head up and down!

Nicknamed “the carrot” for a long time, the male deer has been a regular in the area since 2017. In fact, residents of the neighborhood are accustomed to its presence. In short, everyone knew the story of “The Magic Carrot Stag.”

After becoming an orphan when still a fawn, the poor animal survived thanks to the help of another adult deer that he took under its wing, and for 3 years, he’s been getting close to the locals! Townspeople assure that it is a gentle and friendly animal that can be found on the way. It does not harm anyone, and this gives a lot of joy.

Magic carrot stag.

But this “carrot” scene with an arrow in his head caused grief and anxiety. Residents ended up baptizing her the “magic carrot of the stag.”

According to local wildlife photographer Lee-Anne Carver, the first person to find a Virginia deer with an arrow in its head, the latter wasn’t behaving much differently than it had in the past three years. Last few years.

“It was very upsetting to see him like this, but he was still behaving as before,” she said.

The authorities removed the arrow from the carrot, the head of the magic stag

Source: Facebook
Very concerned about the deer condition, photographer Carver finally examined them. There was no blood or sign of infection. However, removing the arrow was not a wise choice. So I contacted the local authorities.

They emphasized that removing the stock may do more harm than good. So instead of removing the stock, they waited at Carver’s house on Wednesday, December 9th, for the carrot to come. And they cut the wood protruding the arrow on either side of the “magic carrot stag” head.

Risk of infection.

“There is a risk of infection, but again, if things go as planned, he will recover.” “The rest of the thunderbolt will come out of its own accord,” wrote the wildlife photographer in a Facebook post.

He left the “magic carrot of the stag” unharmed. Photographer Carver spotted him with another male deer: “They were eating peacefully…” I explained to all the anxious netizens.

Facebook page dedicated to carrot magic deer

Source: Facebook

On Facebook, photographer Carver created a page to report on the deer’s health. The page already has more than 6000 subscribers. In fact, the “carrot” story clearly affected the people who thanked Carver for sharing the amazing deer story on social media.

This Facebook page is also seeking to change an eligible local law since 2016 that allows hunters to shoot urban deer with a bow and arrow within city limits.

But in the face of this much interest in the “magic carrot stag,” it is believed that there is hope that this law will be repealed. We hope that attitudes towards deer hunting will soon change in urban Canada.

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