Biden calls on Trump to receive the Corona vaccine


US President-elect Joe Biden has called on current President Donald Trump to receive a dose of the emerging coronavirus vaccine “Covid-19”, saying that his administration has failed to manage the distribution of vaccines and vaccination against the virus.

In a speech he delivered in Delaware, Biden said that the vaccination campaign against the Coronavirus did not reach 20 million, as Trump promised, indicating that only 2 million people had received the vaccine.

The US President-elect pledged to vaccinate 100 million people against the Coronavirus during the first 100 days of his term.

He added, “Trump should receive the vaccination against the Coronavirus … especially with the advice of doctors to take this step.”

The new US president indicated that the current Trump administration’s announced plan to vaccinate against the Coronavirus does not go according to the advertiser.

He mentioned during his speech that according to the pace at which the current vaccination plan is moving, it would take years, not months, to vaccinate the United States population.

Biden explained that he had received the Coronavirus vaccine to encourage society to participate in the vaccination process. He also pledged to work faster as soon as he officially takes office on January 20.

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