After 7 years of absence, Cat Bunny is returning to his American owner


Husband and wife, Dave Bryant and Nancy Bryant, from New Hampshire, met their beloved cat 7 years after losing it.

The US newspaper UPI reported this on December 27th.

She said that the cat named “Bunny” handed him over to the couple, the daughter of their two friends when they decided in 2011 to volunteer for service in the US Army.

The couple said the pet was very loving from the start. Almost two years later, Bunny went out for a walk and never came home. And Bryant and his wife had been searching for the cat for a long time in the city and the forest near their home, and they published announcements of his loss, but no one had seen him in the city and its environs.

Passers-by met a cat in early December, after 7 years of losing it, so they took him to a veterinary hospital in Portsmouth, where a veterinarian examined him and said that the animal was in good health and sent it to a local animal shelter where the shelter administration examined it again and discovered he had an electronic chip attached to his body that showed The cat is the property of their friend’s daughter, so the administration called the girl still serving in the military who helped her contact the Bryant family.

No one knew where the animal had spent the 7 years, but given its excellent health, its owners assumed that it was living in a house.

The couple said the cat made them so happy that they gave him a new name and considered it a happy gift for Christmas.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda+ RT

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