A “sad” swan has stopped 20 trains … and the police are intervening


In Germany, firefighters and police forced a swift intervention to remove a swan who was apparently sitting in mourning, but settled on a high-speed rail line, according to a statement from rescuers on Monday.

The mournful swan was spotted lying on the railway near Voldatal, in the center of the country, causing over 20 trains to be canceled, and the swan settled in that place, after killing a second swan that collided with the upper line over the tracks.

It turned out that after this “accident”, the second swan on the railways below settled “in mourning”, preventing trains from passing between the regions of Kassel and Göttingen.

According to the “Guardian”, according to local media reports, the firefighters had to bring specialized equipment to remove the dead swan from the overhead lines, remove the second swan from the railroad, and transport it to the Fulda River, where it was launched.

Police reported that the accident, which occurred on December 23, caused a delay of 23 trains by about 50 minutes.

It was previously noted that the swans seem to “mourn” for their departed comrades, as they often remain for a while near the site of their comrades ’death.

Source: Sky News

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