Republican Representative in the US Congress from Texas, Louis Gohmert, and other Republican lawmakers, Sunday, filed a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence in an attempt to nullify the presidential election results, which led to Joe Biden’s victory.

The lawsuit focuses on Pence’s role in the upcoming January 6 congressional meeting to screen the state’s top voters’ votes and confirm Biden’s victory at the expense of incumbent President Donald Trump.

The vice president’s role in running that meeting is usually largely ceremonial and comes under the provision of a federal law passed in 1887 known as the “Electoral Counting Law.”

The lawsuit calls on a federal judge in Texas to repeal the law as unconstitutional and grant Pence the authority at the January 6 meeting to annul Trump’s defeat in states that played a crucial role during the November 3 election.

The lawsuit is based on questioning the election results in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, although Biden won in all of those states by a comfortable margin.

Legal experts expected the lawsuit to fail, and lawyer and former Democratic candidate for the US Congress, Jessica Elrich, said that the case “appears to be a far-fetched final attempt by Trump supporters to reverse the election results.”

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, Elrich added that the case “calls for an unprecedented interpretation of the constitution. But beyond procedural matters, the facts regarding the claims are wrong and can be easily refuted.”

And it ruled out that the court will consider the case, “even though the federal judge, Jeremy Kernodle, who will decide on it in the state of Texas, has been appointed by Trump during his presidential term.”

Attorney Elrich assured that “the vice president has a limited role during the Congressional session on January 6, as all states have already verified and approved their electoral votes.”

Among those involved in the lawsuit is Kelly Ward, who heads the Arizona Republican Party and previously served as a state senator, and exaggerated claims by Trump and his allies that the 2020 elections were subject to widespread fraud, allegations that were all dismissed in court.

The lawsuit targeting the vice president comes when Pence finds himself under increasing pressure from Trump and his supporters to use his legal role to corrupt customary protocols on the elections.

Last week, Trump re-posted a tweet to one of his opponents, calling on Pence to refuse to endorse Biden’s victory. Simultaneously, CNN reported that the US president also complained that Pence had not done enough in the battle to cancel Trump’s election defeat.

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