US Representatives agree to subsidize every citizen with $ 2,000


The US House of Representatives voted to increase the financial support sent to every US citizen to confront the Corona pandemic, from $ 600 to $ 2000, following the calls of outgoing US President Donald Trump to do so.

The vote came a day after Trump signed the aid bill against the Corona crisis, whose value exceeds $ 2 trillion, and the government spending bill for the whole year, and thus the matter becomes in the hands of the US Senate, to approve the resolution, or not.

On Monday, the outgoing US President Donald Trump said that he will sign the Corona aid package bill, and he will also send a strong message to Congress that the provisions that provide for profligacy are being canceled.

Trump revealed in a statement that Congress voted to increase the value of aid sent to each American from $ 600 to $ 2000, as well as a review of social media companies ’benefit from the communication law.

Trump argued that major tech companies in the United States should not enjoy the protections that Congressional law provides in the Communications Act.

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